Aircraft restoration graphics and lettering specialists

Flypast Graphics are reconstructing and recreating exact replicas of placards and data plates by using traditional skills, methods and materials combined with modern technology like computer aided design and manufacturing. Redrawing period, classic typefaces is an important part of this process to ensure that the final result of a restoration project will look immaculate. We faithfully replicate lost, destroyed or hard to come by items or items that are to unique to be used in flight.

Aircraft markings, art work and stencilling is painstakingly researched and reconstructed down to the last detail. The application of markings can be arranged for you in various ways. From traditional hand painted designs to high precision laser cut masks.

We serve a variety of clients ranging from museums and restoration companies to private collectors.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your project and hear how we can add to it. Over the years we have build a good reputation in the restoration business by living up to our clients expectations. See the reference chapter for an overview of projects and client feedback.


  Martin Baker Mk4H restoration gets underway
After a long period of gathering bits and pieces the final assembly is almost finished.